Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

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VBA@AfterHoursVA prepares Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy petitions for licensed attorneys in all 50 states, local solo attorneys and small firms who want to save time and money.

$ 300 Chapter 7 petition for licensed attorneys
$ 400 Chapter 13 petition for licensed attorneys

What is a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) is an independent, skilled professional who specializes in drafting Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions for consumer bankruptcy attorneys that recognize outsourcing petition preparation is a proven method for increasing their office efficiency and overall profit margin. VBA’s perform in a “virtual” (online) capacity. Services are available to attorneys throughout the United States, regardless of the attorney’s physical location. 

How does it work?

  • Attorney signs service agreement. (Contact @AfterHoursVA for contract and information packet.)
  • Attorney downloads the FREE Client Intake Form from this website or request by email.
  • Attorney meets with client(s) and reviews Client Intake Form to insure all information is fully completed.
  • Attorney gathers required documents as listed in the Bankruptcy Checklist.
  • Attorney emails or faxes a copy of the Client Intake Forms and documents to VBA.
  • VBA prepares bankruptcy petition using Best Case Solutions software or other preferred bankruptcy software.
  • VBA provides the attorney with a draft petition usually within 48 hours.
  • VBA also provides the attorney with an Attorney Cover Letter which includes additional questions and/or concerns, highlighting missing information, unexempt equity, or any other information requiring attention prior to filing petition.
  • Attorney reviews petition and VBA makes all requested changes and resubmits petition to attorney for final approval.
  • VBA can electronically file petition for attorney if requested.
  • All petitions will contain the attorney’s name, law firm, and bar number.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petition preparation rates include:

  • Conducting a prior bankruptcy search for each debtor to verify eligibility to file
  • Reviewing the completed Client Intake Forms
  • Interviewing the debtor(s) by phone to obtain missing information at your discretion
  • Zillow® or RealtyTrac® property valuation
  • Land records ownership search
  • Civil and criminal records search
  • Lien search
  • Prior address search
  • Outstanding fines and judgments search
  • Unreported assets search
  • Kelley Blue Book® or N.A.D.A.® automobile valuation
  • Preparing a draft of the petition and all schedules, including the Means Test
  • Preparing the Statement of Financial Affairs and additional federal forms
  • Preparing additional local forms to comply with local court rules
  • Preparing a Chapter 13 plan
  • Preparing Attorney Cover Page detailing potential problems or questions
  • Making changes to the draft of the petition as per Attorney’s instructions
  • The completed petition will be emailed upon completion
  • Sending a copy of the completed petition to the client (hard copy or electronic)
  • Electronic filing of petition per Attorney request

Why hire a VBA? What are the benefits?

  • VBA’s are highly skilled and professionally trained in preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.
  • There are no financial risks for the law firm and the attorney can find the quality he or she is seeking.
  • Attorneys do not invest in additional computer equipment or software. VBAs maintain their own laptop, laser printer, software and office supplies.
  • Most VBAs have many years of experience and love what they do. The only difference is that VBAs work from home instead of in your office.
  • VBAs are normally available 24/7 and easy to contact by cell phone. In fact, most VBAs are available for their attorneys and/or their clients after business hours and on weekends since they know everything cannot be accomplished between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • VBAs help relieve heavy workload of in-office administrative and paralegal staff.
  • VBAs are paid like any other vendor. They never share fees and they work under the sole discretion of the attorney just like your office staff.
  • VBAs can be located in any state and still have access to electronic court records to conduct record searches to ensure there are no additional debts the client has not revealed.
  • The VBA assists with other required Due Diligence.

Is it fee sharing?

No, the VBA is an independent contractor. I do not solicit or refer clients to any attorney. My services are paid by the attorney, just as you would with any other independent contractor providing services to your firm.

What about UPL?

I am trained in Unauthorized Practice of Law regulations. Any contact I have with your clients will be at your request and only to obtain requests for information that you have approved. The client will be informed at the beginning of any contact that I am not an attorney and I am calling under the direction of your office to obtain information you need to complete their petition. If clients ask any questions, they will be informed that I am not an attorney. I will write down their questions and email them to you. I will also include a copy of those emails in the clients file.

Email for more information about VBA services.