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GRAND OPENING of Revolutionary NEW Notary Directory

Everyone can use the directory now, but even more features are being added between now and the Grand Opening in June.


This site is developed for Searchers. It makes finding a notary fast and allows the searcher to quickly check the credentials. The Searcher will ONLY see Notaries who are in the geographic area that Notary selects- so no more calling a notary only to find out the notary does not travel to that location!

Right now Searchers can filter the search results by

3 criteria. 

1) Certification

2) Loan signer

3) Attorney

Soon, there will not only be more filter criteria, but the Searcher will be able to sign up and SAVE a search criteria. And can tailor those searches based on THEIR client’s criteria…saving everyone time.

VIDEOS: find a notary fast How to use Pins Going Pro – Benefits


CLICK Jumping into the Mind of the Searcher 

CLICK A Better Mousetrap for People Searching for a Notary


Digital Journal causing a Marketplace Revolution


Over 45,000 Notaries have listings.

FREE LISTINGS: Notaries can register now and have a full, very robust profile with qualifications, service features, and a free 20 mile diameter marketing area.

PRO NOTARIES: Professionals who serve the Loan Signing industry, for example- can upgrade for only $10 a year and receive a much larger diameter marketing area and will also have the ability to buy up to 4 more areas ($5 each) that allow the notary to fully customize their geographic area.

Other benefits include:

Adding a photo to the profile

Premium positioning

a separate area for pros at the top of the listings.

Soon PROs will be able to add certification logos on their profile, plus some other added features! They can also put a badge on their personal websites that will bring SEARCHERS to their profile on

NOTARIES: Take the time to really fill out your profile. Make it robust! Searchers will soon be able to “save” their search criteria…and you want to be caught in their search net!

Another thing. Be sure to take a minute and set your pin (point at the center of the geo circle is a “pin”.

It is default set to SHOW you to Searchers looking within 10 miles of where you set your pin. If you UPGRADE to PRO (just $10 a year) you get a larger search area for that 1 pin, can add a photo to your profile (and soon Certification logos!), PLUS for $5 per extra pin, you can strategically place yourself in front of a LOT more searchers!! 

The price is set low so everyone who is a signing agent PRO can afford it. 

The free option is fine for the casual, non-signing agent notary.



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