@AfterHoursVA can notarize the following documents:

• Deed of Trust or Mortgage

• Grant, Quitclaim, and Warranty Deeds

• Occupancy Affidavit

• Subordination Agreement

• Compliance Agreement

• Correction Agreement

• Owner’s Affidavit

• Power of Attorney – Limited or Durable

• Proof of Identification Affidavit

• Reverse Mortgage

• Signature or Name Affidavit

• Survey Affidavit

• Advanced Healthcare Directive

• Irrevocable Trust or Living Trust

• Last Will & Testament or Living Will

• Safety Deposit Box Verification

• Vehicle VIN Verification and Transfer of Title

• Child Custody Agreements

• Adoption Papers

• Loan Modification

• Divorce Agreement

• Minor Travel Consent Form

• Residency Affidavit

• Certify True Copies

• 401k & Retirement Forms

• Insurance Documents

• Legal Name Change

• Unclaimed Property

• Administer Oath/Affirmation

Other services:

• E-Verify Employer Agent

• I9 Authorized Representative

• Apostille and Authentication Courier

• Credible Witness

• Notarize Agent (www.Notarize.com)

• Fax & Copy Services

Virginia eNotary Guide

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